Top 8 Las Vegas Entertainment and Gambling Trends


1. Attended Any Show

Of those who visited Las Vegas last year, 60 percent attended a show, the lowest percentage over the past five years. The high point during that span was 72 percent in 2008.

2. Show Goers Who Attended a Lounge Act

That was 73 percent in 2011, highest since 74 percent did so in 2008. The low point was 64 percent in 2007.

3. Show Goers Who Saw a Big-Name Headliner

Only 17 percent made that claim in 2011, but that was only a tick below the 18-19 percent range from the prior four years.

4. Show Goers Who Saw Comedy Performers

2011 was an off-year for comics, as only 11 percent of show goers attended their performances. That was down substantially from the 21 percent who attended such shows in 2007.

5. Attended Other Paid Attractions

Among visitors to Las Vegas, 18 percent paid to see other attractions last year. That was slightly better than the 16 percent who did so in 2009 but somewhat below the high point of 22 percent in 2007.

6. Gambled During Their Visit

That claim was made by 77 percent of visitors in 2011. That was the lowest percentage in five years, with the high point of 85 percent coming in 2008.

7. Average Gambling Budget Per Trip

Visitors to Las Vegas last year set aside $447.63 for gambling, also the lowest amount in five years. That was substantially below the $555.64 budgeted in 2007.

8. Proportion “More Likely” to Visit Las Vegas Despite Spread of Gambling Elsewhere

Only 27 percent of visitors to Las Vegas in 2011 indicated they would be more inclined to visit the city despite the growing number of places to gamble in other communities. That also was the lowest response in five years, substantially below the 48 percent in 2007 who said they would come to Las Vegas even with more gambling opportunities elsewhere.


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