The NRC List Creates a Huge Uproar with BJP Standing Firm against the Combined Opposition Attack


The NRC (National Register of Citizens) is being updated for the first time since 1951. This is an exercise to recognise between the genuine Indian citizens and the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. One such draft came out on Monday for the state of Assam and has been creating uproar in the houses of parliament today. Many political parties are voicing their concern against it. It created panic among the people as the names of nearly 40L people are missing from the published list of 2.9 Cr.

The ruling party, however, is fully determined to bring out such lists and identify the illegal immigrants. Supporting his party efforts, Dilip Ghosh, the West Bengal BJP president said that if the BJP came to power in West Bengal, then they will bring one such list for the state too. Attacking those who are opposing it, he said that the parties are afraid that their vote bank will collapse because of such exercises and thus they are shedding “crocodile tears.”

His comments came after Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, voiced her support for the Bangladeshi immigrants. She has attacked the central government by alleging that it has resorted to vote-bank politics and is making people refugees in their own country.

Ghosh retailed strongly on her comments by saying, “Those who are inviting illegal immigrants and Rohingyas from the neighbouring country should not talk much about the integrity and security of the country.”

He also attacked the Congress party by saying, “The NRC in Assam is being implemented following the orders of the court (Supreme Court). It was the Congress, which had proposed the idea of the NRC. Now they are speaking against it.”

As the panic started with 40L names missing from the list that surfaced on Monday, the home ministry issued a clarification. Satyendra Garg, a home ministry official, said that this list is not final and people can appeal and object with the proper papers. He also clarified that the government has no intention of deporting them or curtailing their rights based on the omission from NRC draft.

Dodging the question on whether these people will be eligible for voting in the upcoming election, he said that there is a different authority that deals with the electoral process.


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