The Central Government of India Opts for No-Trust Motion


NDA, led by BJP, arrived at a decision, which was taken unanimously on Wednesday. The discussion and decision was all about opting for no-confidence motion to prepare and get stronger against the opposition. NDA exhibited opinions in favour of voting to declare no-confidence motion. The party takes this as an opportunity to prove and show to the world that the opposition is not as powerful as it projects itself.    

The members of the BJP are targeting the local regional parties. They are planning to diminish the conviction framed and projected by the party opposing BJP on the regional parties. NDA is working on ensuring the strategies, plans and ideas, which play a vital role in demonstrating the solidity and soundness of the party. Such positive qualities shall further contribute to reducing not just the power of confidence of the opposition but also its numbers.

One of the BJP leaders shared, “The party did not want to give the impression that it is avoiding a floor test.” BJP is set in all ways to master its methodologies to spread a positive impact among the members of the party, which shall reflect in a bigger way for the country in the long term.

One of the most significant and famous ministers belonging to the BJP party, Ananth Kumar (Parliamentary Affairs Minister) announced to the world an important decision, which was a unanimous opinion that all the Members of the Parliament (MP) must abide by.  All the members of the party are expected to stick to it without negotiating on it. The announcement was all about what the BJP planned; MPs are to be there united to each other. BJP is very confident about winning.

The members and managers of NDA claim that the ruling party or the Government of India may fetch the support offered by smaller parties, which are not a part of NDA. Such parties include PMK (led by Anbumani Ramadoss) and Swabhimani Paksha (led by Raju Shetty). Both these parties actually have nothing to do with this matter.

Though the unanimous decision of opting for the no-confidence motion is declared by all the MPs, not all the MPs will support as a few are out of the country and few others are not keeping well. It is interesting to wait and watch what happens!  


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