Push Broom Review


push broom is a large sized powerful broom that is designed in such a way that it covers a huge portion of the floor while being used in a standing position. They are widely useful in maintaining huge buildings, patios, sidewalks, or terraces. Here is an insight to push brooms.

push broom

Parts of a Push Broom

Push brooms are made of two basic parts- the handle and the head. The head part is made using a block of materials like metal, rubber, wood or plastic; the bristles are inserted into this head. The handle is then fastened to the head; this is a convenient feature of such brooms as the handle can be replaced if broken instead of purchasing a new one.

Best Push Brooms

Some of the best brooms in this category are:

  • Quickie bull-dozer push broom: This is integrated with poly split tip fibers and a 60 inches handle included with swivel hang-up to facilitate easy storage. It is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use.


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