Prime Minister Narendra Modi Taunts on Congress


PM Modi gently criticized the Congress party by pointing out the fact that the same family has been governing India from almost 3 consecutive generations. Talking about dynasty politics, the Prime Minister reminds the country about the rule that we had for generations together by the same party. He continued to say that things never remain the same and our nation’s political scenario has now been casted a spell of change.

As time passed by, people, their mindsets, ideas and ideologies also changed. Introverts learn self, while extroverts present what they are to the society. During the course of this transformation, external affairs, current happenings and incidents leave a mark on our lives.

Enunciating the same, PM Narendra Modi stated that money has nothing to do with success. By quoting names like Ram Nath Kovind, the current President of the country, M Venkaiah Naidu, serving as the Vice President of India and the Prime Minister himself rose to powers and positions, which jewel the nation though they all had modest backgrounds. Through this, he states that education has spread across the country and people are respecting the right attitude rather than money and powerful ancestry.

“Stature of India has risen”, Modi proudly shared after administrating the country for 4 years as the Prime Minister. The present situation characterizes 21st century and is indeed very much unlike olden days, which had successors for a particular position from the same family. Democracy is framing the tag line of Indian politics. The PM said that amidst the condition, the same family from the Congress party ruled the nation for 3 consecutive generations.

It all happened when Narendra Modi was communicating the valedictory address of New India Conclave, which was held at Vighyan Bhavan. He continued to talk about various other inspirational personalities who did not just achieve but also framed a path for the nation to achieve in the same way. Such personalities include Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Biplab Deb, who is the Chief Minister of Tripura, Trivendra Singh Rawat and many others among the chief ministers from the BJP party.    


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