New iPhone Memes That Only Indians Can Get


Apple launched their latest iPhone and the entire world is going gaga over it. The feel and design is top notch as expected by users of iPhone. This time, the features are out of the world as well! iPhone has tested and released facial recognition with their latest iPhone X and it’s absolutely marvellous. This is a new step towards total security dominance.

It was natural that with iPhone releasing, memes were going to follow. Here are some of the most innovative and hilarious memes that we could find but only Indians can get!

  1. The time when you need to unlock your friend’s iPhone with facial recognition:

Show me your face idiot!! Show it to me. Sorry not to me. Show your face to your iPhone idiot! Just be quick about it. I need your new iPhone.

  1. What you feel when you can’t afford iPhone:

This scene is from the movie 3 Idiots when Amir Khan’s younger self wanted to study, but this guy’s son didn’t want to study. Amir Khan’s younger self impersonated his son to study! As he just wanted a degree, he said let it be!

  1. No words for this one:

This was one of the most sensual apple events any of us have ever witnessed in our younger lives! Whoever would prefer to see this apple event over the real one, raise your hands!

  1. How to truly explain iPhone features?

Now that’s the only way to do it – a camera that is never going to be used, more battery drainage, second sensor, another sensor, and many more sensors!

  1. Why is this song so popular?

I just can’t believe it. This song is so famous that even Tim Cook knows the lyrics!!! Wow!

I hope you shared a few laughs and chuckles over this, but the latest iPhone is seriously bitchin’, so go and get yours soon.


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