Latest Advancements in the Department of In-Flight Entertainment are the Latest Rage


Tete-a-Tete with 8 Awesome Benefits of In-Flight Audio

The competition in airlines industry is encouraging companies to come up with innovative ideas to serve their customers better, and charm them. The companies are leaving no stone unturned to create value for their passengers in whichever way possible. Some industry players bet on their price by offering cheap business class tickets or discounted air fare rates, while others focus on their efficiency, connectivity, and services.

Few of the services are very basic that almost every airlines follow like serving food and beverages even for a short duration flight. However, a very important customer service agenda that should be given enough importance is in-flight entertainment or what is commonly known as IFE. This can prove to be a very valuable tool to provide services par excellence to the passengers. IFE is not just related to television shows and movies, but it has a very wider aspect if looked upon closely.

Here are the prominent benefits of implementing in-flight entertainment for passengers as well as airlines –

  1. The unique requirements of the airlines can be met by appointing expert audio teams of IFE service providers, who can provide channels tailored to specific preferences. For instance, if your company is more popular amongst business travelers, then for them entertainment channels can be utter waste of time and beyond their interest. For them, you can opt for business channels or news channels. Likewise, for holidaymakers, their taste of entertainment can be vastly different.
  1. The audio teams of IFE providers who are associated with people from music industry or radio will have strong contacts with the popular record labels, which means that you can create a vast song library in your flight audio system.
  1. Top in-flight audio systems use eminent radio DJs who are well known and admired by people. Channels hosted by leading DJs bring lot of style and added quality to channels.
  1. By installing audio channels in the flight, companies can use this platform brilliantly for promotional activities. You can advertise on-board merchandises and services to the customers such as duty free products, new routes, and destinations covered.
  1. Having a huge library of tracks implies that broad range of music genres can be enjoyed by the passengers on-board. This will cover all jazz, pop, rock, classical, and simple listening.
  1. Even audio books can be of lot of value to the passengers. People love audio books and with this you can offer a different experience to flight boarders apart from music. This can work phenomenally well for long flights.
  1. Instead of just confining to audio music, by giving your customers an option to enjoy music videos, you can entertain them even more.
  2. There is a very interesting concept called pzzizz available for airlines. Passengers wanting to relax and have a peaceful sleep will love this product. This is definitely like going one step forward to serve your customers.

All the aforementioned points will be beneficial to passengers as they can enjoy their travel with these entertainment provisions on-board, while airline companies can promote this aspect as their USP and attract more people to choose their flight.



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