FIFA U 17:A Testament of Youth Energy


FIFA stands for International Federation of Association Football or the perfect acronym is in French, which is ‘FédérationInternationale de Football Association’. It is, in fact, a governing body, which exists to regulate and promote the game.It organises under-17 world cup tournament every two years. FIFA U 17 World Cup Chile was the sixteenth edition of the game and the next will be held in 2017 in India. It will be the very first time that India would be holding any major football tournament, which will have 24 teams including that of the host country.

fifa u 17 world cup chile 2015

Such under-17 tournaments are the perfect places to spot and pick talent that can be nurtured to play for senior teams later. A lot of focus is there on the top performers of these tournaments and those who won the awards like Golden Boot, Golden Ball etc. at the end of the tournament are the most sought after as they are the ones who have proved their worth.

  1. The team that lifted the FIFA U 17 World Cup Chile  is a live example of this fact that there is no guarantee that talent that is picked from these tournaments is going to excel in later years, but the probability is nevertheless high.

The Nigerian team,which was the winner, had won it a record fifth time and two times in a row in the span of 30 years. Also, the U-17 team reached the finals a whopping eight times. This simply means that there is no dearth of talent there, but the fact remains that the under-20 team could never win the tournament and reached the finals only twice. Their Super Eagles never managed to get beyond the round of 16. Thus, you can see there is no surety that if a player did well in under-17 category then he will do good later too. He may or may not as a lot of factors are taken into account that can affect the performance of the player.

Few months before the tournament happens, the list of players who are expected to do well keeps coming out. The Internet has made the world a smaller place and these lists get viral in no time. The FIFA U 17 World Cup Chile was no different and many such lists were making rounds. Football lovers are there all across the globe, who passionately watch their favourite teams and players play. They celebrate their victories and become sad at their defeats.


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