Cricket Fantasy Premier League Cheat Sheet That Can Really Help You Win


Fantasy Premier League has been around for a really long time. It started with soccer, the most popular game in the world. Now almost all sports have their own fantasy premier leagues. Cricket was a little late to join the party, but still it is one of the most popular fantasy sports out there. The best part about fantasy cricket premier league is that it is really easy and rewarding.

There is still a lot of skill required to win big money. Therefore, if you are looking to get your cricket fantasy premier league winnings started, here is a cheat sheet that can really help you win:


Selecting a Match

The first step of playing cricket fantasy premier league is selecting a match. This is the match that you are going to bet on. When you are selecting the match, you need to remember that you should not go for really high profile matches on your first try. All highly professional and brainy experts play in the big leagues. It is true that the prizes are tremendous in these leagues but so is the competition. Therefore, go for matches that are low key as lesser people are likely to bet on them. The prizes would be for the taking if you have the knowledge required to bet on the matches. Once you have gained confidence in your abilities, you can play in the big league matches as well.

Selecting a Team

Once you have selected a match, you are asked to create your very own fantasy cricket team. This team can have anyone from both the team’s squad. You would have about 100 credits to select players. Different websites have different credit limits. You should make sure that your team has a few good batsmen, an excellent wicketkeeper, a few bowlers and one or two all-rounders as well. The team should be balanced.

You need to also ensure that you select players that cost in the moderate range. Don’t just blindly go for the top players because you won’t be able to complete your 11 if you just go for top players. Take 2-3 players from the top, 5-6 from the middle and rest from the bottom of the table, but ensure that all the players would play the game or else you won’t get any points for them.

Don’t forget to consider the weather and pitch conditions during the live match. If the pitch favours spin, take more of spinners, but if the weather has made the pitch tougher, go for pacers. Also keep in mind, the players your batsmen would face and pick batsmen accordingly. Never blindly pick team members.

Transfers and Match Points

You are allowed to modify your team until the match starts, so use it by being up to date with who is going to play and who won’t get to play. You get points on how your player performs on the field. The total points of all your players become team points and if your team scores the highest points, you win.

Fantasy cricket premier league is an easy way of making pocket money and if you have good skills you can make even more. Use this cheat sheet to brush up your skills and win good money.


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