Blackberry’s Upcoming All-Touchscreen Phone Specifications Leaked


Blackberry’s latest phone, the Keyone has impressed the customers with its hardware keyboard. Evan Blass has tweeted the first look of the touchscreen handset, Blackberry Motion.

Last year, Blackberry had released DTEK50 which was actually produced by TCL and now the company is ready to launch its brand new Blackberry Krypton. As soon as Evan Blass has tweeted the first look of this Blackberry phone, it started attracting lots of views by various phone lovers.

As far as the technical specifications of this device are concerned, it is still not clear what TCL has planned to integrate in this All-Touchscreen phone. The external looks of this phone are quite great. It has a Blackberry logo embedded on the home button. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack which supports almost all versions of latest earpieces. Overall, the external look of this device is not like traditional Blackberry models.

When it comes to the technicalities of this product, Blackberry says that Krypton will carry a robust security software and is expected to give a 26-hour long battery life with a single charge. However, the details of this specifications have not been announced officially.

TCL Global head of sales, François Mahieu said in last August, that Blackberry Krypton would be launched this month. Also, he added that Krypton would be a water-resistant certified device.

The technicalities of this product clearly shows that Blackberry Krypton is not an ordinary Android device. Rather it is a comparatively secure Android device with good security and water-resistant hardware embedded into it. Blackberry has surprised its users in the past and it is expecting to surprise the users again.


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